Thursday, January 17, 2008

The show must go on

Current to-do list:

Finish Tobi's jumper that I started in August (Malki's was finished just this week)
Finish commissioned item for paying customer
Make more snoods/hats and update website
Find out how to make a pre-tied tichel and add a product line
Find out what colors/styles my Sister-in-law-to-be wants for our dresses for her Chassanah (wedding) in May!
Make alterations to King's costume for Production (as discussed with King)
Make tunics for servants/ladies-in-waiting for production
Design Esther and Vashti's dresses (Production this year is the Purim story, can you tell?)
Figure out what my kids are being for Purim and get started on those (Devi is being a nose, Jelly is being a nurse, Motti wants to be a doctor, not sure about others.)
Start Pesach (Passover) dresses for my girls if they are to ever happen.

And I'm sure there will be assorted mending and needed garments. I'd like to sew something for myself ever too (and not just for the chassanah, as exciting as that is).

Journal musings

You know, I've had this problem with Journals all my life. My mother kept insisting I had to keep one, and I guess I saw the value in it, because I kept trying. But then weeks or months or even years would go by, and I'd be stuck deciding to 1. give up, 2. try to catch the journal up or 3. just go on with current events. We're going with 3. for this blog unless I deem something very very important.

So just because something didn't make the blog doesn't mean I didn't sew it!