Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Oh, and while I was doing Production, Purim arrived, and I had to costume my kids. I cheated on most of them (borrowed or found costumes) but I did make a pair of moss green camo pants for my 9 yr old (he "borrowed" one of the vests from Production to wear with it, but needed boy pants, not bloomers), a moss green camo vest for my 4 yr old (he had some green pants to wear with it) and created a "clown dress" for my 8 yr old. She designed it and picked the fabrics, I just chose the pattern that would work best for her design and cut and sewed. I really need to post a picture somewhere of that... I was very happy with how it turned out. (As was she, which is always good when you're sewing for someone else.)

Production Wrap-up

When all was said and done, I had created the following for Production:
10 prisoner hats
8 prisoner vests (# of prisoners in that scene went down in-between)
1 small brown felt drawstring bag containing 12 silver coins
2 pair of black bloomers
2 pair of moss green camo bloomers
2 moss green camo vests (with pockets, and snap fronts, fully self-lined. I am crazy)
2 pair of tan desert camo bloomers (don't ask why two different colors of camo. It made sense at the time)
2 tan desert camo vests (again, pockets and fully self lined.)
1 baseball-style hat, also in the tan desert camo.

I also provided (planning to get it all back) one velvet Shabbos robe and matching snood, 1 tan "military-style" hat, 1 gold sash, 6 yards of lavender lining material for a wrapped turban, and helped design the tent that had to "collapse" on the soldiers during their scene -- for that I had a local fabric shop donate some empty cardboard bolts (the 45" size.)

It was a ton of work, but I had a lot of fun... and when it was all over, I got a very nice letter from the school, stating clearly (among other things, like thanking me and praising my work) that they were looking forward to working with me on Production for many years to come. So I guess I'm stuck. :-)