Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jumper UFO finished

An Unidentified Flying Object is no more! Okay, maybe it was an UnFinished Object. Either way, my pile got one smaller today. I managed to snatch enough time to finish a jumper that was half-started.

Today I:
  • finished hand-sewing the lining side of the shoulder seams. The one part I hate about this pattern is the way it says to do the shoulder seams! I have to figure out a better way.
  • topstitched around neck and armholes of bodice
  • added heavenward designs tag
  • sewed (previously pinned) pleats down and attached pockets
  • attached contrast band to bottom of skirt
  • sewed side seams
  • hemmed skirt
  • attached skirt to bodice
  • sewed buttonholes on sides of bodice (4 total)
  • attached butterfly buttons (2 on each side, and one decorative only on center front of bodice)
Wow, it looks like quite a bit of work laid out that way! Baby screamed at my feet for the last two steps :-( but I got it done! Tried it on Tobi... well, I panicked at cutting the skirt that short (forced to by the fabric) and added the contrast panel, then hemmed it pretty narrowly... the hemmed jumper falls at the bottom of her ankles. But she won't trip on it, and it's not so narrow that she'll outgrow it sideways any time soon, so we're good. And the next one up is just a little bit taller... they often wind up sharing their clothes. So I'm pretty happy. Next in the pile: One more jumper from this pattern needs approximately the same work done on it, except the bodice shoulder seams are done and it's already topstitched.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Progress counts, right?

Yesterday, I finished picking out the top "turned-and-topstitched" edge of a nightgown (for me) that I decided did need the extra collar piece after all. Today, nothing.

Well, nothing sewn. I did make two batches of muffins for the freezer and put up a big pot of chicken soup for Shabbos and the freezer (for future Shabbasos.)

And folded and put away some laundry, put in another wash, nursed the baby and the toddler a few times... guess it wasn't exactly a wasted day.

Monday, January 16, 2006

One down, seven million fifty-six to go

Okay, so I made up that number. ;-)

But I did finish the bunting for my newest niece!

Thoughts: It's very wide. Strange pattern, but then, all the big 3 patterns are strange. Remind me why I use them? Oh, right, because I can find them for $1 each, or at least I used to be able to! Anyway, the pattern called for fleece, but still had directions as if it were any other fabric. (5/8" seam allowances? On fleece?!) And way too many seams, so I eliminated the center front seam and the center back seam by moving center front and back to the folds. My 3 month old was gracious enough to model it for me, so I got some good pictures. Still on the camera, not the computer, but I'll get them off and up eventually. For now, I'm just happy I snuck in the half hour to finish it. (And that's with 3 sick kids! Two of whom were in the room with me as I sewed.)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Waiting your turn for a piece of the Mama

How do mothers of twins ever survive? (And kol v'chomer mothers of triplets or more!) (I know, I know, people say the same thing about me and the size of my family and closeness of my children's ages.)

Mimi (18mo) woke up from her nap very cranky. I offered a late lunch. But I'm not sure she even heard me, because she was busy throwing an absolute fit that Jelly was in the sling! Carrying Mimi wasn't good enough. "Wan' in dere!" she said emphatically, pointing directly at the sling containing her 3mo old sister. I served her lunch, and went to hide out at the computer (just around the corner, I can still see and hear her) and nurse the baby. Mimi still nurses too, but not during a fit! And I wanted her to eat lunch first. She's finally calming down, so she'll probably get a turn in the sling too. If Jelly lets me put her down. Maybe in the swing? She wasn't crying, just fussing that she wanted to be held/given attention, which is why I went and got the sling in the first place.

Definitely not a sewing day... by the time I get through this, the bigs will be home from school and wanting my attention for homework and such. Then they'll want dinner...

But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love my children and I love being home with them. I just want to do everything else too. (Like carve out some time for sewing, hypothetically.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hitting a brick wall

Why is it that I always have lots to say when I'm not anywhere near the computer, and lots to sew when I'm not anywhere near my sewing machine? Okay, truthfully, I still have lots to say at the computer and lots to sew at the sewing machine, but somehow it's far easier to wind up in front of the computer than in front of the sewing machine. Here it is afternoon already, and I have diapers to change and lunches to feed... and not a bit of sewing to show for the elapsed time. And once the bigs are home from school, sewing is even less likely to happen. Bah.

Anyway, currently on my plate: (immediate sewing goals)
  • finish bunting for my newest niece
  • take pictures (and post them!) using one of the little models floating around here
  • mail said bunting and the rest of the baby gift I made my sister
  • organize UFOs and figure out what comes next

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And so we begin...

Beginnings are, well, new and different. Sometimes exciting, sometimes scary, sometimes you blink and you're past it, but nothing begins without a Beginning.

This blog exists because I needed a blogger id to comment on someone else's blog... but now that I have it, I'm inspired by Leah to take my sewing journal online. Because I don't spend enough time at the computer as it is! But I already take pictures of my creations, if only to share them with my friends at NMSL. And I too would like to be able to look back at the year and say, "Wow, I did accomplish a lot!" or "Well, it was a tough year, but I'd like to do better next year." Or both! and be able to mean it.

So Welcome Aboard! This blog is mainly for me, but you're welcome to poke around and get inspired, or comment and inspire me, offer words of encouragement, etc. No flaming and no profanity allowed! (And no anyone-bashing. On my turf, you behave yourself.)