Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hitting a brick wall

Why is it that I always have lots to say when I'm not anywhere near the computer, and lots to sew when I'm not anywhere near my sewing machine? Okay, truthfully, I still have lots to say at the computer and lots to sew at the sewing machine, but somehow it's far easier to wind up in front of the computer than in front of the sewing machine. Here it is afternoon already, and I have diapers to change and lunches to feed... and not a bit of sewing to show for the elapsed time. And once the bigs are home from school, sewing is even less likely to happen. Bah.

Anyway, currently on my plate: (immediate sewing goals)
  • finish bunting for my newest niece
  • take pictures (and post them!) using one of the little models floating around here
  • mail said bunting and the rest of the baby gift I made my sister
  • organize UFOs and figure out what comes next

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