Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jumper UFO finished

An Unidentified Flying Object is no more! Okay, maybe it was an UnFinished Object. Either way, my pile got one smaller today. I managed to snatch enough time to finish a jumper that was half-started.

Today I:
  • finished hand-sewing the lining side of the shoulder seams. The one part I hate about this pattern is the way it says to do the shoulder seams! I have to figure out a better way.
  • topstitched around neck and armholes of bodice
  • added heavenward designs tag
  • sewed (previously pinned) pleats down and attached pockets
  • attached contrast band to bottom of skirt
  • sewed side seams
  • hemmed skirt
  • attached skirt to bodice
  • sewed buttonholes on sides of bodice (4 total)
  • attached butterfly buttons (2 on each side, and one decorative only on center front of bodice)
Wow, it looks like quite a bit of work laid out that way! Baby screamed at my feet for the last two steps :-( but I got it done! Tried it on Tobi... well, I panicked at cutting the skirt that short (forced to by the fabric) and added the contrast panel, then hemmed it pretty narrowly... the hemmed jumper falls at the bottom of her ankles. But she won't trip on it, and it's not so narrow that she'll outgrow it sideways any time soon, so we're good. And the next one up is just a little bit taller... they often wind up sharing their clothes. So I'm pretty happy. Next in the pile: One more jumper from this pattern needs approximately the same work done on it, except the bodice shoulder seams are done and it's already topstitched.

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