Monday, January 16, 2006

One down, seven million fifty-six to go

Okay, so I made up that number. ;-)

But I did finish the bunting for my newest niece!

Thoughts: It's very wide. Strange pattern, but then, all the big 3 patterns are strange. Remind me why I use them? Oh, right, because I can find them for $1 each, or at least I used to be able to! Anyway, the pattern called for fleece, but still had directions as if it were any other fabric. (5/8" seam allowances? On fleece?!) And way too many seams, so I eliminated the center front seam and the center back seam by moving center front and back to the folds. My 3 month old was gracious enough to model it for me, so I got some good pictures. Still on the camera, not the computer, but I'll get them off and up eventually. For now, I'm just happy I snuck in the half hour to finish it. (And that's with 3 sick kids! Two of whom were in the room with me as I sewed.)

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