Thursday, January 12, 2006

Waiting your turn for a piece of the Mama

How do mothers of twins ever survive? (And kol v'chomer mothers of triplets or more!) (I know, I know, people say the same thing about me and the size of my family and closeness of my children's ages.)

Mimi (18mo) woke up from her nap very cranky. I offered a late lunch. But I'm not sure she even heard me, because she was busy throwing an absolute fit that Jelly was in the sling! Carrying Mimi wasn't good enough. "Wan' in dere!" she said emphatically, pointing directly at the sling containing her 3mo old sister. I served her lunch, and went to hide out at the computer (just around the corner, I can still see and hear her) and nurse the baby. Mimi still nurses too, but not during a fit! And I wanted her to eat lunch first. She's finally calming down, so she'll probably get a turn in the sling too. If Jelly lets me put her down. Maybe in the swing? She wasn't crying, just fussing that she wanted to be held/given attention, which is why I went and got the sling in the first place.

Definitely not a sewing day... by the time I get through this, the bigs will be home from school and wanting my attention for homework and such. Then they'll want dinner...

But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love my children and I love being home with them. I just want to do everything else too. (Like carve out some time for sewing, hypothetically.)

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