Thursday, February 01, 2007

10 prisoner hats

Somehow I got myself involved with the High School Girls' Production (ie Play) this year. I think I said how I'd love to be involved, maybe when the kids are older... and I said it to the Director, who said, so get involved this year! We'll find you babysitters if need be. So I'm supervising costumes, scenery and props... and helping to make some of the costumes, scenery and props.

So far that amounts to 10 prisoner hats and a small drawstring bag of brown felt.

I'm also supposed to find camouflage material and make bloomers. (The school does not allow actual straight legged pants, even in a girls' only production with a completely female audience.) I found some on ebay, but am concerned that the one that's the best mix of colors is too thick to, well, bloom, so I'm going to look in person too.

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