Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Journals and me

Here it is, 2014.  How did that happen? This blog went the way of every journal I've ever tried to keep.  I wrote for a while, then went away and forgot all about it, then came back and tried to decide if I should catch up on years of missing entries, give up, or just carry on.  In the past I've given up, but I think today I'm going to try the carry on from here method, here and on Looking Heavenward, my personal blog.

But first, I'm going to indulge in some retroactive nomenclature, aka back-dating the text.  My children will hereby be known by their first and middle initials followed by their age at the time of posting.  The nicknames I would never call them in real life thing drives me crazy.

P.S. looks like I've had this exact thought about journals and this blog before!

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